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Kidon (2013)

Kidon is an imaginary story based on true events. On Januray 19th 2010, Mahmoud al Mabhouh was found dead in his hotel room in Dubai. The local police accused Mossad and released security camera footage showing supposed Israeli agents caught on tape in preparation and execution of the murder, immediately making headlines all over the world. However, no one was as shocked as the Mossad itself where nobody had ever heard of those agents or of such a mission. The Mossad will soon understand that they are just one piece of a complex puzzle alongside French diplomats, Russian and Iranian spies and French-speaking crooks. Who is playing who and who is being played? In a world where nothing is what it seems, the best player is never the one we think...

Director: Emmanuel Naccache

Production company Topia Communications, United King Films, Les Films Manuel Munz

Producers Manuel Munz, Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Investors  The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts - Cinema Project, the Culturual Administration, Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Israeli Film Council, Channel 10, Orange Cinema Serie CINEMAGE 6, API 13

Scriptwriter  Emmanuel Naccache

DOP  Amnon Zalait

Visual effects & title sequence  YASHINSKI Studio

Music  Tom Sharfshtein

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