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opia Communications (2003) LTD, headed by Michael Sharfshtein, was founded in 2003. Michael Sharfshtein, a veteran Israeli film producer, has worked in the film industry since 1970, producing many cinema and television films recipients of Israeli and international prizes, amongst them are "Fictional Marriage", "Seder Night", "Cup Final", "Army Service", "Criminal Charges" etc.

Today, Topia Communications (2003) LTD works in partnership with Moshe and Leon Edery's company United King FIlms. UKF is one of the biggest companies for cinema and television films in Israel and globally. UKF is the Israeli leader in the fields of production and distribution. They are also the owners of the largest catalog of Israeli films and independent foreign films.

In recent years Topia Communications has produced many co-productions projects such as: "Playoff" (by Eran Riklis), "Rock the Casbah" (by Yariv Horowitz), and "Kidon" (by Emmanuel Naccache) and these days are working on a new featured film "Spider in the Web" (by Eran Riklis) an Israel-Belgium-Netherlands-Portugal co production.

As well as many Israeli featured films such as: Little Simiko's Big Fantasy (by Arik Lubetzky),Hill Start (by Oren Stern), Fire Birds (by Amir I. WOLF), Apples From The Desert (by Arik Lubetzky& Matti Harari) , Fire Birds (Amir Wolf)  The ring's journey (by Arik Lubetzky & Matti Harari) and the latest Fractures (by Arik Lubetzky).









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