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The film follows three Israeli police officers based in the Galilee - a Muslim, a Druze and a Jew - who find themselves powerless while the Galilee is under the massive shelling of Hezbollah during the summer of 2006. An action documentary portraying the surreal futility of war with an exclusive, closer look into the Israeli Police Force.

Director Amit Shalev

Production company Topia Communications

Producers  Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Investors  Topia Communications, Reshet-Noga Communications LTD,

The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films

Broadcasters Noga-Reshet Communications LTD

Scriptwriters Amit Shalev, Michael Sharfshtein

DOP Amit Shalev

Editors Yael Harsonsky, Alon Benari

Galilee - War Journal (2007)

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