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Script: Michal Akkerman              

Directors: Arik Lubetzky 

Producers: Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery,Shraga Bar


Oded, a renowned professor and scientific researcher, is on his way to receiveing a prestigious award, accompanied by his wife Merav. A call comes in from the police, asking him to stop by to answer a few questions.

In an instant, their world crumbles. Noa, an under graduate student of his, has placed charges of sexual coercion.

After a confrontation with Noa he denies any romantic liaisons. He is forced to confess lying about their affair after being presented with evidence and advised by the family's attorney.

This results in a harsh reckoning with his wife Merav at the police station. The media gets wind of the story and the resulting shaming in the social networks hits hard, and alerts their youngest son, who demands explanations.

Noa's life is not left unscathed, having to confront both her mother, who demands she'll cover up the whole thing, and Merav who pressures her into putting a stop to this disaster.


The film takes place in a single day, where the family's life comes apart. Merav maneuvers between her anger at Oded, who she blames of ignoring her their entire relationship, and the need to protect her family.

She stands by Oded, knowing their lives will never be the same again.  

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