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Military service in Israel is compulsory for all Jewish men and women. After 3 years of service, starting at age 18, they are granted a discharge bonus, which many of them will use to vacation in India. Approximately 90% will use drugs and each year some 2000 of them will need professional help due to drug use. The common name referring to this phenomenon is "flipping out". Shot over a period of two years, this film follows the flipping out route of Israeli travelers, most of them under the age of 25.

Director Yoav Shamir

Production company  Topia Communications, Cinephil, National Film Board of Canada, ITVS International

Producers Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Philippa Kowarsky, Kent Martin

Investors: Keshet Broadcasting, The New Foundation for Cinema and Television, ITVS, ARTE, Sundance Channel, BBC, SBS, VPRO, DR, Documentary Channel Canada

Scriptwriter Yoav Shamir

Cinematography  Yoav Shamir, Jonathan Ofek, Amnon Zalait

Music Ophir Leibovitch

Editing Era Lapid

Flipping Out (2007)

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