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Fire Birds (2016)

The body of an eighty-year-old man is found in the Yarkon River, with three stab wounds in his chest. For Amnon, a police officer in his forties who was put in charge of the investigation, this will be his first case after a lengthy suspension

From this point onward, the plot alternates between past and present, weaving the story of the criminal investigation with that of the murder victim and the events that led up to his death. The plot revolves around two men, who seem to have been purged from society and their efforts to rejoin the society that rejected them

Director: Amir Wolf

Producers Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Oudi Recanati and Len Blavatnik

Script Orly Rubenstein-Katzap, Yitzhak Wolf, Amir Wolf

DOP: Amnon Zalait

Editor Isaac zehayeck

Original music  Ady Cohen

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