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The crime reporter deals with the difficulties and conflicts in the relationship between Israeli media and Israeli law enforcement. Although the series' creators are journalists, they freely expose the complex problems and sometimes even lack of integrity of the media towards the poice. The series is objective and unbiased in its depiction of all sectors of Israeli society. At the center of the series is a crime reporter whose character is based on real life crime reporters operating in Israel. This profession requires unique abilities, as the reporter walks a thin and elusive line between the crimial world that he covers and the normative world.

Director Haim Bouzaglo

Production company Topia Communications

Producers  Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Broadcasters Israel Broadcasting Authority, Israeli Television - Channel 1

Scriptwriters Gidon Maron, Ofer Greenstein, Tzvika Kretzner

DOP  Yoram Millo

Editing Tova Asher

Original music Tom Sharfshtein, Eyal Shehter

Criminal Reports (2005)

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