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Bye Bye Love (2006)

Sophie, a video artist, decides to dedicate her new work to the moment in which love died.

She publicizes an ad in the paper seeking 25-35 years-old women, divorcees and mother, in order to cast her new work. Of all the women responding to her ad she chooses seven, all separated mothers whom she invites to a designed dinner in order to participate in an authentic video performance around the issue of the death of love and the disintegration of the nuclear family.

A ritual of parting from the family fantasy takes place around a dining table inspired by the Red Table of Sophie Cal (known New York artist). A discussion evolves using terms such as happiness, loneliness, belonging and couple-life as seven personal, heart-breaking stories are told. Soon the performance becomes a curious, surrealistic and extraordinary feminine disrobing. A ceremony whose rules blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. 

Director: Ayelet Dekel

Production company  Topia Communications, United King Films

Producers  Michael Sharfshtein, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Broadcasters  HOT VOD

Editor Ronit Porat

DOP Amit Yasur, Udi Golan, Amnon Salomon

Original music  Tom Sharfshtein

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